If you enable profiling of robots you can see the execution time for the individual steps and the entire robot. This is very useful if you have a slow running robot and want to improve performance.

Profiling is configured using the following properties:



Output Type

If you choose Summary, only one statement summarizing the execution is written to the profiling log for each robot execution. If you choose Detailed, a detailed statement is written to the profiling log for every step executed in a robot provided the execution time of the step is above the threshold defined by the Threshold property.

Output Target

This controls where the profiling information is send. The possibilities are to send it to the console, to a file or in the log.


This threshold defines the smallest execution time for a step (in milliseconds) for which to include profiling information for that step.

Log page URL in wait messages

If checked, the page URL is printed before page load wait time.

Profiling Properties